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We are currently seeking a part-time, Ohio Licensed Psychologist or post-doctoral clinician to deliver outpatient therapy and conduct psychological evaluations. Prospective clinicians may work with any age group, as we have a wide variety of referrals to support clinicians in developing areas of clinical expertise.

Being a provider at our practice comes with many advantages. We will help you build your clientele by providing you referrals while also supporting your establishment as a reputable provider within the community. We also provide administrative and billing support, as well as competitive pay. Further, we offer a supportive work environment with diverse experiences and backgrounds from current providers. We offer culturally and LGBTQIA+ competent care and both welcome and support diversity in our staff and with those we serve. If you are working toward your license, there are options available for supervision by a licensed professional. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at

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